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International Shipping

Please E-mail or call for more information:

SoonerPuppies@gmail.com or (call or text) 580 -271-1991!    


Shipping Dates

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Sat. Feb. 24


Sat. Mar. 3  
Sat. Mar. 10


Sat. Mar. 17

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Sat. Mar. 24  

My Paypal address is: paypal.me/mypuppies

I am a teacher, and will only answer phone calls, messages, etc on break or after school. Please email soonerpuppies@gmail.com, text or call 580-271-1991.


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International Shipping

1. We are willing to do international shipping. All expenses will have to be prepaid.

2.  You will need to be prepared for extra time involved to meet international requirements.  If the puppy will need to stay with us longer, there will be a $15 charge per week for boarding.

3. Additional puppy shots and rabies shots are $15, so the buyer would be responsible for those charges.

4. Microchipping is available and required for most international shipping, and will cost $25 per puppy.

5. Flights to other countries are more expensive and may be easier for the buyer to arrange (from the D/FW airport). Several that we have flown in the past have cost about $660.

6. We will still need to have an international health certificate before shipping, and this may require additional trips to the vet and they usually cost $50 for  Canada, Mexico, and Argentina. Other international countries may vary, but will probably cost $125 plus filing and shipping charges  that are around $50.

7. Be prepared to have to have the dog in quarantine after it arrives in your country - unless all requirements are met - please check the requirements, and we will check as well.  Many of the requirements can be found on this website:


8. We will have the normal charges for the travel crate and delivery to the airport. There may be additional charges for any other services that are required that we don't normally provide.


Summary of International Charges:

Cost of Puppy

Microchipping $25 

Rabies Shot $15

Boarding Charge $15/week for each additional week required - 9 weeks to many places

Flight - possibly - $660

International Health Certificate including APHIS filing fees - $175

Travel crate, Credit Card or Paypal fees, Delivery to the airport, etc. $100.



We always prefer that you pick the puppy up in person if you are close enough to do that, but we have been safely shipping puppies to their new homes for years. Shipping is available preferably with American Airlines because they have direct flights to many destinations. Shipping includes the vet check, health certificate, crate, transportation to the airport, and the flight as well.

Click here for more shipping information!

Check Out Ollie, one of our Cavapoos that is now grown. He lives in Carmel, California, and was featured in Carmel Magazine!

You can read the magazine at Carmel Magazine

Or you can see the picture and his story here.

If you are in the DFW area, remember we drive there weekly! Click here if you live close to DFW.


Please e-mail me for more information: soonerpuppies@gmail.com

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