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Please E-mail or call for more information:

SoonerPuppies@gmail.com or (call or text) 580 -271-1991!    


Shipping Dates

Are you in the DFW area?

Sat. Feb. 24


Sat. Mar. 3  
Sat. Mar. 10


Sat. Mar. 17

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Sat. Mar. 24  

My Paypal address is: paypal.me/mypuppies

I am a teacher, and will only answer phone calls, messages, etc on break or after school. Please email soonerpuppies@gmail.com, text or call 580-271-1991.


American Bully
Brussels Sprouts
Cocker Spaniel
French Bulldogs
Irish Doodles
Mini Aussies
Mini Schnauzer
Shih Tzu
Yorkie Poos

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This is the e-mail we send once your flight is booked:

Your flight for your puppy has been booked with American Airlines (or Whatever airline it is booked with).  Because I use a booking agent for my flights, they may not show up in the system yet.   (Sometimes, especially if we are doing a late booking, the booking will show up after the puppy has been booked onto the flight).  Once the puppy is booked in, or after I have received the booking confirmation, you can also check the status of your flight on www.aacargo.com.  Your puppy will be flying Priority with them.  The phone number for American is 1-800-227-4622.  We recommend that you call ahead of time to find out where you will pick your puppy up.  (Usually at baggage claim).  It may take 30-45 minutes for the plane to be unloaded and for your puppy to be brought to you. Puppies can be flown with an acclimation statement when the temperatures are between 20 and 85 degrees. If your puppy is a snub nosed dog, like a Boston Terrier or Shih Tzu, the temperatures will have to be under 70 or 75 degrees, depending on the airline that we are using.  If the temperatures fall above or below this range, your puppy's flight will have to be rescheduled.

If your flight is booked with Continental Airlines or Alaska Airlines, temperatures are usually not an issue, except during extreme temperatures when they embargo pets. 

Please plan to bring an extra towel and maybe some baby wipes with you in case your puppy couldn’t wait to go to the bathroom on the way to you.  You will also need to have your ID ready.  The crate (pet taxi) will be “zip tied” closed.  You may need a small knife or fingernail clippers to open the crate. You may want to bring a leash and/or collar with you when you pick the puppy up.  Please be careful where you put your puppy on the ground for a while because you wouldn’t want to expose them to the diseases, etc. that could be outside the airport, and other public places.  Please read up on the care of your puppy before he/she arrives so you will be ready.  It is a big responsibility, like having a new addition to your family.


The puppy’s paperwork will be attached to the top of the crate with the health certificate, microchip information, etc. Please make sure that you have this paperwork before you leave the airport, because it does contain the original documents you will need for the puppy.


If you have a chance to read on the internet about the care of small puppies, please do.  We will also include a paper with some tips on the care of your puppy with the puppy.  Some things to have on hand when your puppy arrives are:

  1. Pedialyte or Orange Gatorade
  2. Nutri-Cal
  3. Karo Syrup or Honey
  4. Yogurt or Cottage Cheese (with fat)
  5. Chicken baby food
  6. Baby Wipes
  7. Fruit Loops
  8. Caesar’s puppy food or Pedigree canned puppy food
  9. Bottled water
  10. Syringe for hand feeding if necessary



If you have a very small puppy, please remember that they may need food and water immediately. A small bag of food will be flown with the puppy so that it can be fed if there are any delays. We may also send Nutri-Stat or Nutri-Cal for you to use in case the puppy has been stressed by the flight (with our tiny puppies, like Yorkies, etc.).  Please leave dry dog food available for your puppy at all times and provide softened dry dog food for the puppy if needed.  They often need to have access to food at night as well. Many of our puppies are eating Royal Canin Baby Puppy Food, and we would like for you to continue what the puppy is currently eating.


Please make sure that your puppy eats and drinks in the time after he/she arrives.  The puppy will also need to take in fluids, especially when the temperatures are warmer.  You may want to have some Pedialyte or Gatorade on hand in case your puppy doesn’t drink fluids immediately.  As small as the babies are, they can become dehydrated very quickly.


Please be aware that your puppy has come from a climate controlled environment.  The temperatures during flight will be different than what the puppy is accustomed to, as will the temperatures where you are.  Please take precautions to keep your puppy from being too cold or too warm to help keep your puppy healthy.  Please also make sure that you are not using cleaners in your home that might be toxic to your puppy.  Cleaners with Ammonia, bleach etc., can cause your puppy to have health issues.


For more information about the care of your puppy, please visit our website and the link at the top of the site that says Tips or follow the link below:



Please send me an e-mail once the puppy arrives and let me know how the puppy is doing and how it went at the airport.  If you have any suggestions to make this process easier, please do let me know as well.  If your puppy has any problems after arrival, please do let me know immediately (an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!). Please review the health guarantee that is also posted at the top of our website: www.SoonerPuppies.com




We always prefer that you pick the puppy up in person if you are close enough to do that, but we have been safely shipping puppies to their new homes for years. Shipping is available preferably with American Airlines because they have direct flights to many destinations. Shipping includes the vet check, health certificate, crate, transportation to the airport, and the flight as well.

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Check Out Ollie, one of our Cavapoos that is now grown. He lives in Carmel, California, and was featured in Carmel Magazine!

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If you are in the DFW area, remember we drive there weekly! Click here if you live close to DFW.


Please e-mail me for more information: soonerpuppies@gmail.com

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